Turbocharger Turbo Fits Garrett Detroit Diesel Truck Series 60 14.0L 758204-5007

Cooled Type:Oil cooled. Engine: Series 60 (Mid Set Back) EGR VGT. Displacement: 14.0L, 14000 ccm, 6 Cylinders. INTERCHANGES WITH THE FOLLOWING PART NUMBERS. Cooled Type: Oil cooled. Our commitment to you is as follows. 14030293-101,14030293-102,14030293-103,14030293-104. As the picture shows. OE Spec or Performance/Custom. Series 60 (Mid set back) EGR VGT. 14.0L, 14000 ccm, 6 Cylinders. […]

Detroit Diesel 60 Series 14.0 Freightliner 14L Garrett Genuine Turbo charger

Condition: New Factory Reman. Weight: 67.1 lbs. Notes: Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, MCI Bus with Detroit Diesel 14.0L Series 60. Fitment: If you are not sure if this turbo will fit your engine? Do not hesitate in contacting us if you need help or have any questions, and our team will do their best to […]

Detroit Diesel 50 Series Turbocharger Garrett 714793-9003 Turbo 23528043 Gta4288

Detroit Diesel Truck Series 50. Where is my Turbo part number? Part numbers are found usually on the compressor (Aluminum) housing, or on the center section of the turbo, which is machined, flat, or on a metal tag. Important Information before fitting your new CHRA or Turbo. Turbochargers are very reliable indeed. Of all Turbocharger […]