Turbo charger for Navistar Int Harvester Truck /Detroit Diesel Series60 S400S062

FOR 300 Dodge Charger Magnum Front Struts w/Coil Spring+Rear Shock Absorbers. Easy installation, no special tools required, just remove and replace a complete strut assembly! Each complete strut assembly is designed and tuned for a vehicle-specific application. Designed with premium hollow bumpers to prevent damage to components when the suspension bottoms out, durable Strut Dust […]

TURBO Turbocharger Wastegated for Detroit Diesel 60 Series 12.7L 24 Valves

For Engine: DETROIT DIESEL 60 Series 12.7L 24 Valves with wastegate. 098 TC 25606 000, 098TC25606 000. Don’t give us your P O box address which we can’t send by express. We adopt the same quality control equipment as original manufacturing to make high-precision turbocharger and it’ s parts. In order to consistently produce high-quality […]

Turbo Turbocharger For 2000-2008 Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7LD S400S062 171702

2000-08 DDC-MTU Truck with Series 60 Engine. 2000-08 Navistar, Int Harvester Truck with Series 60 Engine. Five Reasons To Choose Us. Energy saving and fuel saving: improve emission, high efficiency and fuel saving. Strong power: more powerful climbing, easy to deal with harsh environments such as plateau steep slopes and high temperatures. Strict control: all […]

Turbo Turbocharger For Detroit Diesel Truck/DDC-MTU Industrial with Series 60 US

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171702 Turbo Turbocharger S400S062 For Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7LD 2000-2008

It is very important to ensure lubrication during use. 2000-08 DDC-MTU Truck with Series 60 Engine. I hope we have a pleasant cooperation! I Can Quickly Answer the Adaptability Problem for You. ? Before Placing an Order, Be Sure to Check the Compatibility and Confirm That This Part Is Suitable for Your Vehicle.